Feedback for my Doner corporate identity

Any feedback for my complete own made corporate identity?


Logo with background color

Flyer. Only what i need is a good background color for my flyer


I like that it’s relatively simple.

Here is what I don’t like:

  1. The meat reminds me of a carrot.
  2. The Text is too small compared to the logo. You are going to have hard time using this especially in small space.
  3. The bottom of the meat and the ribbon meet in an awkward way. Better not to have such close overlap.
  4. The orange and the pink colors clash.
  5. There is no idea. You’re showing what you’re selling. Try to find a deeper meaning within the brand. What are you really selling? Hunger buster? Exotic taste? Protein to make you buff? What’s the unique selling proposition? The logo should build on that.

Is DonerShop one word or two? The swash on the S is really awkward. Doesn’t help the reading of the word.

I agree with @iraszl, it looks too much like a carrot. You don’t need a picture of a donor in the logo.

I had no idea this wasn’t a carrot until reading the responses. It looks exactly like a carrot. The “s” in shop looks like a mistake. If it’s going to touch the first word, it should look like it’s on purpose at least. I see that it’s the same in every instance of it, so I assume it’s not a mistake. That doesn’t look good at all. You could edit that s some.