Feedback for my first design

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I have picked graphic design as a hobby just a month ago. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my first design. I feel like it needs some changes… :sweat_smile:

  • Concept : Quote/picture for a tshirt
  • Purpose or Goal : To learn graphic design principles
  • Format : Mainly for print
  • Audience : None as this was done purely to learn
  • Your Experience Level : Begginer
  • Nature of Job: Hobby, design made to learn about graphic design


Einstein: dreamstime
Universe: shutterstock
For some reason I am unable to create topic with full links

Read more books.

The only thing I’m going to say…
Put this away for a few days, then go back to it.
View it at a size small enough to fit all at one time on a screen (or print it out and put it on the wall.)
Where do your eyes go first?
If that is not where you intended, then do over.
I’m betting it’s not the beginning of the sentence.

Your message is unclear and your mix of typefaces is not at all helping. Then picture this on a wrinkled t-shirt, at a size that fits in the standard t-shirt sign blank… Nope. Not working.

Do you know about licensing from dreamstime for extended use? (that’s what t-shirts fall under.)
If not, something else to study up on.

Thank you for your input.
Which books do you recommend?

The thing about t-shirts and slogans/messages is that have to be sharp, punchy and short.

You don’t want a big message on it that takes too long to read/understand. Unless yo want people gawking at you while you stand still in a grocery store and people read your t-shirt.

It happened to me before with a t-shirt I bought on holidays, and it was slightly creepy people stopping me to read my t-shirt.

Positive points
1 colour
Some simplicity
Layout is optimal

Negative points
Fonts not paired well - try mixing different weights of fonts
Images are too complex and may cause reproduction issues or hike up the cost
Conjunctions and sub- and ordinating conjunction words are too big

You can get a free 1 months trial here

There are other courses on there too

Understanding the process helps you understand how to design better.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I love the curly fonts but i dont like the san serif font that you use on the above artwork.
i think you need to learn hierarchy.