Feedback for my logo design

Hello! My name is Ibrahim khalil Munna. and I am recent college graduate working on my graphic design portfolio. I created this logo as a concept for eCommerce called

I would really appreciate some feedback for my Logo design to better improve it.

Thank you!!

also I make this website
visit it. its not complete. under construction.


Simplify, simplify, simplify. You have way too much going on: a shield with gradients, the initials, the name of the company, the URL, a separate graphic element to highlight the URL, and the red cross sign. This needs to be distilled down to the core concept.

‘’ written on your logo is looking very odd otherwise it’s great !!

G’day @itmunnabd!

@Steve_O is spot on - there’s too much going on! When I typically design a logo, I typically do so in black and white.

Would recommend dropping the URL altogether, moving the type off the shield and making the type bolder and the slogan more legible.

Regaridng the mark, maybe you could integrate the cross with the shield somehow, although you would want to be careful it doesn’t become a crusader shield!

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