Feedback for WIP personal logo please

Hi everyone, I’d love to get some feedback (good or bad!) about this WIP logo for my personal brand.

I’m a freelance graphic designer, specialising in web and app design. But I also do a bunch of branding work, some animation, and data visualisation. You can see my current branding (which I feel is a little dated now) here:

I’ve shown the new logo concept mocked up with the new website homepage, plus business cards. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :slight_smile:


It’s been done.

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As others have mentioned, its certainly been done before.


The colors are nice, and everything is clean, you just may want to sketch out a few more ideas. I will say, I think a lot of designers tend to go the route of using their name and creating a logo around their name. Perhaps you could break the trend and actually come up with a name for your freelance business instead of using your name/monogram.

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