Feedback n this animation to encourage blood donat

I am creating an animation to promote blood donation in my hometown through social media. The animation aims to be eye-catching yet gentle with its soft colour palette and friendly font. However, I am concerned that the animation may be too fast-paced. The animation consists of a carousel post with the message “DONA” (meaning “give”) followed by an image containing information about the blood donation event such as the date, time, and location.

You may, or may not, encourage people to give blood, but I’d wager you’ll give a number of them an epileptic siezure with that!

The strong strapline works better than the animation. Give blood, Give life. It is strong, to the point. Animation adds nothing and just irritates. I am not sure about the font either. You are issuing imperatives. It should be a more emphatic, pragmatic choice of font. Colours are a bit odd too.


^^^ This

It’s wayyyyy too fast.

This has been the final one @sprout and @RedKittieKat
Massive thanks for your feedback!
Dona (1)

Now I have
DO, a deer, a female deer
Thought I’d share

It’s certainly eye-catching, but gentle isn’t a word I’d use, Instead, the animation is an abrupt interruption of the kind that causes me to use ad blockers. If you intend to use this ad, I’d suggest stopping the animation once it reaches the “Dona Sangre, Dona Vida” frame.

@sprout is correct about triggering epileptic seizures. I looked it up, and about 1 in 10,000 people have photosensitive epilepsy. Your ad will likely result in someone having a seizure if enough people see it. I doubt you want this to happen.

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It’s not just wayyyy to fast—It’s wayyy, wayyyyy, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo fssssssssssat!!!
I think I’m having a seizzzzzzzzzure herrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee!!!