Feedback on a Brand Identity & Website Project

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for critiques regarding my latest Brand Identity & Website Project for Spring Forest Qigong.
You can check the project here

Thanks in advance


It will s not unattractive and has an appropriate calmness, softness and elegance to the typography an the symbol/icon

However, as a log, there are a few practical problems. The icon itself is very complex with fine lines and negative spaces. From a production point of view in various situations, you could well run into trouble. Let’s say, your client comes along in six months and wants some shirts or hats embroidered for staff, that would never work.

Same goes for logo printed very small on uncoated stock, you may get ink spread and areas filling in.

Secondly on a few of the variations, there are issues with relative sizes and poutential legibility. The centred version (which I would also suggest centring the type on too), reduced small, could make the type illegible.

This is even more pronounced on alternative one.

Both those alternatives don’t feel as though they relate to the main one. Alt.2, though is more successful with symplicity of icon and its relative size with the type. You’d run into fewer production problems. However, I think it is a less elegant solution than the main one.

I’d suggest working more on the main one to simplify it, but keep the overall feel.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback I really appreciate it. Your notes are highly regarded and I’ll work on that point of view before every project.