Feedback on logo

Hello, I am designing a logo for a t shirt.

The event is a walk that supports autism awareness.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I also added some of the goofs i made by accident. glad i caught them early.



i know i am soulless, but why celebrate autism?
is awareness stronger?
promoting the word walk would help.

the logo seems lost with the U and o s maybe the circles should be another shape.

my bad, CELEBRATE is the theme. thanks alot :smiley:

If the theme is Celebrate, I don’t think it needs to be in the logo. As mentioned above, it’s confusing.

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Your idea are interesting, but you’re trying to jam too much into the composition. Some things just need to be pulled out and typed separately as words.

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what were the last 9 designs?
I would keep that theme if possible because people can relate to that image and know the jest of the event.

They vary, thanks for your help

I like #1 better, and will look nice on a grey or light brown t-shirt

I would possibly try to simplfy the design and do and icon with the smiley face, or if you really want to stick with the same design keep just one circle. I get what is on the design, but at a slight glance people might not read it straight away.

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