Feedback on my portfolio webdesign


I’ve been working on my new website design in Adobe XD. Could you give me some feedback on the design of my portfolio website please?

Thank you!

It’s simple, clean, easy to read, easy to navigate; but it seems to be lacking that something that would make it memorable. It’s not bad, but it’s not great.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll look at some websites to find out how to make my personal site memorable and update it.

It seems to be more and more of a trend, but (unless I missed it) there’s nothing that says what any of your portfolio examples were for. Who the company was, what tools used, general overview of each project.

Look at list item #3 from this website list of portfolio dos and don’ts


Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t worked for any company yet but I will add the software, a general overview and more context of my projects.

I like the modern and minimalistic feel! I just think the text is a wee-bit small. I do realize that we are viewing this on a mockup/preview portal, but even so. I like that you have a switch that allows the audience to switch from dark-mode, to light mode. The arrow on the left-hand tab confuses me. I realize that it’s probably supposed to direct the audience’s eye toward the center where the text is, but bear in mind that the human eye is already automatically draw to the right-hand side. It’s just too big, thick and blaring. I don’t think you’d be losing anything by omitting it.

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