Feedback please on logo

client keeps asking me to update the shape (abstract A logo… well not only that but i’l make it short)
he say’s it isn’t balanced, i mean, do i miss something
they fit perfectly together, like puzzles
i think the “weight” is distributed evenly

maybe he means the circles, maybe there are some anchor points that don’t make the rounds look round or?

Use some color strokes, it will look more attractive.

I think you’re client is wrong. The balance/weight distribution is fine. I suspect it’s just not what your client had in mind, so he or she is struggling to find justification for what is nothing more than a personal reaction.

Unfortunately, most clients seem to be governed by their personal tastes rather than the knowledge that the logo isn’t there for them to fall in love with — it’s there to resonate with potential customers in ways that convey the right personality and that help the brand become memorable. If you figure out how to convince stubborn clients of that, let us know.

I have three of my own concerns, but I doubt these are concerns of your client.

  1. These kinds of liquid blobs were popular a few years back, so even though I really like them, I’ve seen variations of them too many times.

  2. That really thin section between the two blobs on the left is almost ready to snap, which creates a kind of psychological tension missing in the rest of the composition. Maybe it’s intentional, but I guess my point is that it’s there and not entirely obvious that it should be there.

  3. The transition from the circles to the stretched out shapes seems just a little bit unnatural (especially on the left ones). There’s sort of a shoulder where the circles start transitioning into the stretchy parts. The transition on the bottom-left blog doesn’t appear the same on both sides — perhaps its just an optical illusion. This is minor stuff, though, and maybe it’s just me.

I do love the simplicity and I would resist any temptation to decorate it up. I’m throughly convinced that most clients go out of their way to actively sabotage the work they’re paying for. The more they care, the more they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that it turns out worse than it could have been.


On top of @Just-B excellent points, because you’re using varying sizes for your starting circle, you get an odd situation (IMO) where the angle of the second combined circles “leans” more to the right.


Also, because the circle is quite smaller than the rest on the middle right side, it doesn’t come across as a well as a circle shape and due to its size it does feel a little off balanced by being more aligned to the triangular edge, rather than the center of the circles.

An important principle to keep in mind to add balance to your designs is the Golden Ratio. It can take a while to wrap your head around it but it is good to know. I would do a google on “using Golden Ratio in circular logos”. (there should be a few good YouTube video instructions out there). There are also templates for using Golden Ratio circles that you can then place around the shapes in the logo.

That said, those blobs are very outdated and were a big fad a few years ago as Just-B said. One of things about a good logo is that is memorable and unique, which this is not but it seems your client is very married and in love with those blobs. Is this for a science or tech company? I would try some way to show him other options because this just says “our company is outdated and out of touch.”

If the company sells something like mercury switches or has anything to do with oil-based products, or similar globular products, it may not appear to be outdated at all, if it actually describes the company. We don’t know that it is outdated based on the limited info the OP has given.

excellent, thank you
i was thinking the same, the top left shape has a really thin “connection”
however the client didn’t like the center shape (middle one)
he says it looks like a “nipple”?

thanks @CraigB
I’m aware of the angles, both of the left shapes lean on the bottom right circle, so they are kinda secured (from slipping to the right)
however the center shape is a bit insecure, i increased the angle so the middle shape can lean on the right circle without slipping (get locked in some way)

A nipple on a baby’s bottle, maybe. That didn’t even occur to me, but if your client sees it, he/she will never not see it. That’s too bad.

Sony Walkman logo as reference? w.

never saw that before
isn’t even close I think

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