Film Poster

Hi guys,

I tried developing my film poster design from the first image to the second. I feel like this makes it more effective/attention-grabbing but I’d love to know if others would agree. Does it work? If not, how can I improve from here, or should I go back to my initial idea? I feel like the composition of it is fine but I’m not sure if the copy is more annoying/inconvenient to read than it is appealing (because of the vertical placement). Is the title too distracting or is it good that it’s so bold and bright?

Any advice would be very helpful and greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great day!

I like the use of space in the 1st poster if the astronaut were more centered in it. The slogan needs work. The 2nd poster draws needed attention to the tether, but the sideways type is bugging me for some reason.

Overall, I’m having trouble with the realism of the situation, if that is part of the assignment.

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