Finally found the right place for myself...I guess

Hi Everyone!
My name’s Vasu, and I am from India. I love sketching but now I wish to expand my horizon by getting into digital art stuff, and to be true I don’t even have a faint idea how to start :sweat_smile:, hope I will get some guidance here.
Thank you

welcome to the forums, now is a great time to learn to use all these fancy gadgets while learning how to draw. There are many free drawing and illustration programs out there that you can gradually build up to the professional ones in time. Just remember to always save your creations, my first computer drawing (1986) went kaput because i did not know they needed to be saved.

I just started drawing with a xp-pen pad last November after 3 years on an ipad and 20 with a pencil and paper. The transition has a learning curve and feels uncomfortable at first. Drawing on an ipad provided great results, but retarted my mind and seemed like everything i did was duplicated, so i am going back to drawing on paper instead.
when i started i was told to learn someone’s drawing style and grow from that. I latched to mort drucker a cartoonist from Mad, even did some sketches for him in 1992.

just stick with drawing even when there are apps that will do that for humans now, i think the originality curve we have (or dont today) now might swing back.

Thanks @EB_comix ,
Wow… even I own a xp-pen deco 03. I bought it because I wanted to learn something new. Unlike you, I never got any such advice to follow any master or so. I just draw whatever I feel like.
I want to learn creating art digitally but I don’t know where to start, I am mostly interested in creating cartoon characters(like in gravity falls, the amazing world of gumball etc).
Can you please tell me how should I start? Like which course to buy or material to prefer etc.

Hiya Vasu :smiley:

Welcome Aboard!!! :wave:

We have a Student Forum with lots of info.
Feel free to ramble around and get to know forum and be sure to check out our Forum Rules & FAQ

Are you thinking of enrolling in college or are you looking to learn Graphic Design on your own? That info will help in where folks can direct you to wander :slight_smile:

i took a drawing class in college, almost failed and drew a city landscape that awed the class.
which shot up my confidence.
draw what you like drawing, as far as courses, take basic ones and get affordable material
i now draw on 8x11 printer paper with pentel 7mm leads then I scan the image and color in photoshop with a macbook from 2010, or a dell xps with Krita.
i used to buy the best, but don’t buy anything now, but in now looking for pencil leads or an older pencil holder because i just ran out!
im sure others here will pitch in their advice which will be good!

Thanks for welcoming me @RedKittieKat
:grin: For now, I want to learn things by myself. Thanks for guiding me to Student forum, I will sure dig it up for guidance.

Thanks @EB_comix for the advice.

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