First Attempt - Disjointed Text Critique Wanted

I tried pushing myself to do a style challenge to learn new skills, techniques etc. so I started with disjointed text and would like some feedback on them!

Brand - Rhythm Entertainment (RE), a event/concert company - message ‘reliable, honest, trustworthy’

Big Boy’s Burgers (BBB), a burger company that focuses on a teen audience. Motto ‘go big or go home’

Decapitated Cupcakes (DC) Clothing brand for youth

Describe the theory behind this use of text? I’m not sure you understand that part in the execution of this technique.

I think what you’re going for works. I don’t particularly like certain elements, but that could be just personal taste.

Is there an advantage to disjointed text? I suppose it could be design elements, but I wouldn’t count on it to identify anything.

I’m honestly just playing with the concept. I have never tried this style and was practicing on some of my brands. If you are more educated on how to use this, please provide more guidance.

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