First Book Cover Design

Hi everyone, this is my first Book Cover design, write some opinions, tips and critics please :slight_smile:
My other works:

Moved to Crit Pit :slight_smile:

It’ll help to know what the book is about. Perhaps you could share the blurb?

It’s nice and clean, but I have no idea what the book is about. What does “HOW TO DESIGNER’S” mean? At the very least, it needs a subtitle to help make sense of the main title.

For some reason, you’ve used a possessive apostrophe on the cover title, yet left it off the spine.

You’ve inexplicably changed typefaces from the cover to the spine.

Your quote marks on the back cover are backwards.

The barcode you’ve used is a UPC code, which is used for retail point-of-sale purchases. Bookland EAN-13 +5 barcodes are used on books.

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What Just-B said.

Man, it takes some effort to get quote marks backwards!

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What I like:
The cleanness
The use of colours and fonts - It looks really trendy!

What I change:
I’ve got no clue what the book is about. You need a subtitle to explain it.
The title seems to be grammatically incorrect with the apostrophe s.
What’s the Dizajn bit at the bottom? Also it’s a bit awkward having your name on one side and then the Dizajin on the other. It creates a split focus and spoils the cleaness.

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