First Ever Personal Logo Initial Exploration

Alright, ladies and gents,

To paint the scene; these pieces are from a long time ago, about 3 years to be exact. I was a sweaty nervous freshman in college that didn’t know the good, bad, or ugly about design. Thus, I was tasked with the production of my very first personal logo.

As you will see I came up with something completely EPIC. My initials CW and a paladin howitzer. I am a cadet in the national guard in an artillery unit so I thought this would fit well.

Since then I have learned a lot and this logo has been retired since the submit button was hit.

Now I would love to have the Crit Pit just go at it! It’ll give myself and others a laugh.

Since it’s retired…why a critique?

Well, it’s obviously pretty awful, so I’m a little short on words. Even so, it took some ingenuity to work your initials into the business end of a tank, which ought to have, at least, earned you a passing grade.

I’d hate to be anywhere near when a round was fired out of the that gun, though — there’s a rather serious crack in the barrel. :wink:

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