First Graphic Design Interview

Afternoon peeps, im a newbie, i just wanted to ask, i have my first graphic design interview in a couple of weeks and they have asked for me to bring a portfolio of work with me, now i have work to show, but i wanted to know if anyone has any examples of portfolios that i can take a look at and get some idea on how to showcase a good portfolio.


Hi. Good portfolio have different samples. Like brochures, web design… a bit broad different subjects. Keep your story short on every sample you show.

In my experience, if you’re good with story telling - some of your work are worth telling the process like how did you come up with the idea etc. But keep it brief

Do you go to a design company? I would show also process / concept of your work.

Other companies, well in my experience, do not care much for sketches but the end results. Unless they have other designers… it’s important to research this company so you’ll be more prepared with the questions.

1 example of a good portfolio:

(Why? Packaging design, logo, poster… etc different work + a story behind it)

Good luck!!

The portfolio should be tailored to your interview if at all possible. If this is your first job, that may be difficult but try to keep it on point.

Do some deep research into the place you will be interviewing. Know something about them and have some questions you want to ask.


In general, when setting up a hard copy portfolio:

  1. You want your first page to be one of your best pieces THAT RELATES to the employers.
  2. Center (2-page spread if possible) to make a huge impact.
  3. Last page - end with one of your strongest pieces.

Listen to what the interviewer is asking. Answer directly or if you need clarification, restate the question back to them worded slightly differently to make sure you understand what they want before answering.

Don’t try to fill space with chatter. You will come across better if you wait a second and think before answering than if you just start talking and eventually get to the point.

Wait to ask questions until prompted (unless for clarification). If not prompted, mention that you have a couple questions. Don’t ask BS questions. Ask specifics about what you would be doing, company ethos…

That’s my 2 cents.


thanks everyone, all this is very helpful!

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