Fixing white spacing?

What the best methode to fix the white spacing in my art?

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The term “white space” has different meaning in different contexts. Sometimes it has to do with negative space in a page layout.

If by “white spacing” you mean the space showing through between objects, one way is to overlap the objects. The quickest way is to add a stroke with the same color.

I think you should clarify what you mean by ‘white space’…

yes that what i mean but the strokes dont help

Is this Illustrator? If so, in the future I’d recommend building the shapes on top of each other. i.e the dark grey/black would be one solid backing shape, with the other layers built on top. Then, if you want, at the end, just divide the shapes using pathfinder, if you need them to be separate.

You can still fix the show through (IMO) by grabbing everything, duplicating it to a new layer and place that layer below the existing one(s), use pathfinder to merge it all into one shape, then draw shapes overs (or delete the points) the show through areas, and merge it until it’s “solid”.

I hope I explained that right. It sounds right in my mind.


Then do what CraigB suggests. You can break apart any compound paths such as the black background.

What do you exactly mean by white spacing? Please elaborate dear.

With Illustrations like this I often make a copy of the outline shape on another layer below. This would cure your problem because you can fill it with the black so any gaps would not show. Normally I do this so I can easily add a keyline around the whole thing.

Trying to figure put what you mean by “my art”.

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Yeah that is a blatant copy. Unless you were using it as a practice experiment. If so you should probably state that when you share it.

Already covered here several months ago :wink:

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