my new design

spell check is your friend.


Is this a real job or just a practice piece?

The photo and the special effects don’t look good together. The font choices are odd. Not sure if is an art exhibition or a dance party. Is the person supposed to be recognisable? Or just a random face?

Location/venue and time missing. Ticket information, price, logo?

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its my creative design and i am a graphics designer…

Wow. :open_mouth:

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You seemingly have the artistic and creative talent to make nice-looking images, but that’s not all graphic design is about.

I’m assuming your first language is not English, which accounts for the many writing mistakes, but graphic design for an English-speaking audience really does require proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, etc., just like it does in any other language.

Graphic design is about communication and problem solving. Artistic talents and creative abilities are simply two of the many skills a designer uses to accomplish these things.

Most graphic design centers around communicating a message to a target audience. In your poster, for example, you haven’t done this. You’ve spent a great deal of time on the imagery, but you’ve spent very little time on the message being communicated or the typography. Put another way, place yourself in the position of the intended audience for your poster. Does it communicate where the party is? Does it say who is invited? Does it say if tickets are required or how much they cost? Does it say anything about what kind of music the DJ will be playing or what an ''Art Party" is or what attendees might expect if they attend?

In addition to creating nice-looking images, you need to spend an equal amount of time thinking through the problem of how best to communicate your message and influence the audience for which your poster is designed. For that matter, the problem-solving part of the process should be done first since it’s the answers to those questions that will determine what kind of imagery best supports what the poster is trying to accomplish.

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Showing off or wanting a critique? Either is fine. If you’re looking for a critique, there is a dedicated crit section.

Has a “template” look, spelling is bad, the T in Art is too clashy with the background. The lady looks bored.

I may be new on here but for anyone wondering I run a leaflet distribution business & have had over 7 million leaflets through my hands now :slight_smile:

are using paint or something ? :joy:

and please stop saying you’re a graphist designer when youre totally not.

Aside from the text ‘art party’, it is not clear what your flyer is about. Who is this girl? Why is she important? How is she associated? Would your audience know right away? If so, that makes sense, but for someone not associated, the flyer does not obviously state its purpose. I would also not repeat ‘dj party’ so many times, or are these place holders for names later?

I think the strokes are nice, but there should be some bolder strong colors to make it pop. Your ‘art’ also is the only piece with teal and it washes out the letters as the color progresses, so I would recommend keeping it completely black to maintain legibility. Keep up your creative flow!


The point of Graphic Design is to artfully and clearly convey information to a target audience. Put yourself in the shoes of the person looking at this flyer. Would they know what this is all about? Do you have your Who What When and How? Will their eyes hurt from jarring colors and excessive effects? Will they notice glaring type-os?

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