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I’m new here. I hoping fellow designers can help me out with an element of a project I’m working on, as I’m second guessing my font choices. I’m working on a book that’s going to list a slew of music albums.

When viewing everything on screen, I was happy with it, but I recently printed out a review copy and I’m second guessing if the serif catalog number works with the sans serif album name and “Catalog #” label. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Just to give a quick disclaimer, because I’m sure from your point of view, the three colors may look…for lack of a better term…stupid. However, it does fit in with the design. It’s matching a poster from the 70s or 80s that was used as the inspiration for the book concept.

When used as a label, I’m not sure whether either typeface works — together or separately. Assuming they’ll print the size you’ve posted, I’d focus on using a simple, legible sans-serif instead of the ultra-condensed face you used. I also don’t see any particular reason to use two different typefaces; you’re using color as a differentiator, which seems like enough.

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For lists and labels always go for legibility over style.

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