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Hi everyone, I introduce myself, I am passionate about computer graphics and I specialise in vector graphics.

I don’t have a diploma, or anything like that, as a formal training in a school.

I only use 95% of the free software I use on my Linux distributions:

Here is the list of software used:

Synfig Studio 1.2.2 (2d animation)
Inkscape (vector drawing)
Blender (3d)
Kdenlive (editing / video effects)
Audacity (audio editor)
FFmpeg (audio/video stream processing)
Papagayo-NG (lip-sync)

I don’t use any Adobe software, nor flash, yes it’s possible
on the other hand I sometimes used a voice modifier on Windows, with proprietary software.

I have a Youtube channel, from cartoon “fox anim” (the link is in my profile)
I only have 25 subscribers to date.
My motto is: Always better, always further…

I chose “FoxAlpha” for the forum, because I want to submit my animated “cartoons” to you, to see what I can correct.

Alpha, comes from the name for a release of a Linux distribution, because first we have:
alpha: for corrections with bugs everywhere
beta: for the last touch-ups when it works better
release: for the official release

I don’t have a team (to read my animated creations), I don’t have a scriptwriter, a storyboarder, no one to make jokes between 2 sequences, and no one to do the voices for me.

That’s why I created this account to get feedback, to be told to add this or that, to improve it,
I master 2D and 3D animation, (in a moderate way, as I am not a graduate).

I am just passionate, see you soon. :heart:
(sorry if my text is a bit decomposed I use a translator, I hope my text will be understandable)


Welcome! I look forward to seeing your animated work. I learned what I could of a little of 2D animation and a lot of 3D animation back in school. It takes a lot of patience and passion!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Thank you @IzChik for the moment my work is apparently amator because I learn by creating, I have the bases of 2D animation, the mastery is only done by trying.

With Blender for 3D the result is more spectacular, the effects are faster, but Blender I know it with barely 10%. Although I have the basics, this software is a mine of details with settings everywhere.

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Welcome to the forums - it’s tough learning by yourself.
I always point people to Linkedin Learning - you can get a free months trial.

You can get courses on almost anything - here’s the Blender page

Good luck with your work - and keep learning! You can do it!


What a great quote! So much more motivating than “practice makes perfect”.

Can’t say I’ve ever used Blender but if it’s anything like Autodesk Maya then oh yes. Thousands of settings. But it’s so interesting to play with :smile:

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