Full Steam Ahead

Hello friends,

I’m a Graphic Designer (Print) Looking to move into Web Design.As I am new to Web Design I would like to post code occasionally for assistance troubleshooting. I am also looking to make connections with and be inspired by other artist. I like comic books, anime, and studying ancient history.

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Hiya Lucas :slight_smile:

I like Bacon, Waffles, Cats and long walks on the beach … :rofl:

Seriously though … Welcome Aboard!!! We are here to help if we can :slight_smile:


So many new print designers in our midst!!

Moving to web, is… a wise choice. I didn’t have it in me, personally. However, it’s one of the most profitable areas of design. This, and user interface and app design is exploding right now.

I like quite a few Anime’s and i’m a huge science and world history buff.

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