Game concept art crit

this is the world building of a low fantasy game project that i’ve been doing,

thing is, to realize this project, im not really sure if i can do this myself, i’ve got the 2d and the 3d but i have no idea of how the codes work, so i created those concept art to hook people into my project

so, how do you guys see it? do you think it will “sells?”

Concept art is a notoriously demanding thing to get into. Some of your ideas have merit (particularly the colours used in the second image), however I think the execution here needs more work.

Concept art typically has much more of a ‘painterly’ feel to it. It is designed to evoke a mood and atmosphere, and bring the setting and themes of the game to life. For this reason, the highly stylised vector approach you’ve used here doesn’t really work for the fantasy theme of the game as you’ve described. This is especially apparent with the characters, which have more of a ‘South Park’ feel to them. While this style can work if used well, I personally don’t think it’s a good fit for the genre of your game.

Kotaku run some great showcases of various concept artists and their portfolios. If you’re looking to use these pieces as a way of building interest or investment, having a look there could help you refine them. Good luck!

thanks for the reply, sir

i’m definitely agree with your point of paintery feels, but unfortunately, i only have access for a mouse at the moment, so i think if i can’t paint organically i might as well made it close to samurai jack style, so thats why thing got the way it is.

right now im tryin to do some freelancing so i can buy some wacom or something similar

I really liked your concepts. I don’t like too much your draw style, but you know very well how to use colors, shadows, lights, etc. When is possible, you be able to try another perspectives or angles, using more the space, distributing better the characters. At all, you’re using a fkng mouse, you need a table to make your life more colorful and fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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