Game Programmer Anna from Germany says Hi

I’m Anna from Germany and I’m actually programming a Point and Click adventure game. Since you can’t earn money with an unfinished game, I had to find a part-time job.

I started as an office assistant and slowly established myself as an advertising designer in a small family business. Every time I get a new challenge and sit in front of an empty (digital) canvas I think to myself “We may as well expect the worst… ;D” But in the end I’m really proud of the result. And I get good feedback from the region. Unfortunately the only person within the company who sees a benefit in the (definitely) better public appearance is my boss.

Unfortunately I burned out over the last year and need a break from this job, but actually, deep down in my heart, I love the job; as an unskilled person getting a job as a designer is a great privilege.

I started reading “White space is not your Enemy” to get better at my job, but I stopped doing it when everything went over my head. Although I did a year’s internship at an art academy, I had to teach myself how to work digitally; I bought my first graphics tablet in 2007. And I actually think I’m a loser when it comes to graphic design; I’m more of an illustrator and even there I hardly find any lovers.

Well, but my passion is my point and click adventure game; and there’s more to it than just graphics.

Ok, now you know everything about me :wink: I hope that I will get help here if I have questions.

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Welcome Aboard Anna!

Glad you found us :heart:


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Alles Gutes auf ihre neues kvatchfest.

One of the great developments that is about to happen is an open source program (in Beta now) that allows game programmers to sell elements they’ve created that are not platform specific. This may be a nice side revenue stream for you because you will get paid by usage and by it’s very nature cannot be bound by exclusivity agreements (although I just read abut Shutterstock profits for artists is not good).

I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a couple years but it’s reliant on some top level programmer advancements before it will be ready. Only the very upper echelon of programmers has it now (for testing) and the name isn’t even public yet.

When it is released I will certainly be taking about it here.

P.S. Ich war bei Kunst Aka Stuttgart seit 20 Jahr vor.

Hello there,

how I feel about your introduction is that you seem to think that you have no skills in design.
This must be an exaggeration or you wouldn’t have found a job in the field. You certainly seem to have the dedication. That’s really important in any job.

I mean I think I suck at design now, I always thought of myself more of an illustrator or an artist, but I think I’ll become better at it. I don’t know if I was born to be one, actually animation and writing appeal even more to me than graphic design alone and I still have to find my strongest skillset, but figuring more out along the way. Hope you’re having a good time on the forums :grin: nice knowing you.

If you stop doubting yourself,
you stop evaluating yourself,
you make assumptions,
you fool yourself,
you become unaware: ignorant,
you develop a reputation as such.

SO try to learn something new every day. If that doesn’t work, then practice a skill you already have every single day - just 10-15 minutes.

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