G'Day Pixelshufflers

Just joined.
I am a self trained. Previously a Chef in my early years but not really the profession that is conducive to a happy family life. So retrained as a Web designer. that’s it really, nothing more to add, if you would like to know more - just ask !



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Welcome, Michael.

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How long have you been doing the web designer thing?

Cooking food or websites is, in some ways, much the same thing. Take an idea, get the right ingredients, combine them all together in just the right way and, when you’re done, it’s ready for people to consume.

Welcome to the forum, GeckoGrafix.

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That was my thoughts on the transition from Chef to web designer

Which could explain why there’s to many half baked ideas.

Welcome !




I read that title as “Pixelfluffers.”
Which made me LOL.

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seriously only the last year but playing with it for about 5 years whilst I have been Cheffing http://michaeljustinwhite.co.uk

Welcome Aboard!!!

I think you’ll fit right in … Food and Design … a lot of us are rather in to that :smiley:


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