Generating logo ideas, feedback appreciated!


Hi! I am the “client” and generating some of my own logo ideas - I am NOTTTT a graphic designer but enjoy art and contributing creatively to my entrepreneurial ventures! I would love feedback as I brainstorm concepts…

I am a therapist and starting an elementary school for children with special needs called Illuminate Academy. The school will be connected to my therapy agency Beacon Pediatric Behavioral Health and I would maybe like this logo to complement the logo for that company. I will try to post that logo for reference. (The concept of light stretches across both businesses)

The school name is Illuminate Academy.
The concept that I am thinking of reflects a book and lightbulb and Is subtly supposed to represent a child holding the book and looking at it (with the bulb doubling as the child’s head).
The logo that needs feedback is the navy and white and bright green one.
I enjoy playing with metaphors, images that communicate meaning, and symbolism.
I prefer simple and clean designs.

Would love input, feedback on positives, negatives, and suggestions!
Would love suggestions on fonts and font pairings as well. If the colors could be different I’d be happy to have that input as well!

There are issues with both. Here is a short list:

  • The type on the first logo isn’t easy to read. I’m also not sure why there are two different fonts, when one would work in this case.
  • These colors are not going to print well. I would select Pantone colors.
  • The tiny details in the second logo are too small. When you need to scale this logo down, on a business card for example, you won’t notice them. I would simplify those details.
  • Are these logos for the same company? If the first one didn’t spell out the business name, it would be impossible to decipher the. The first one looks like a keyhole in a radial pattern and the second looks like a book with a Tesla coil in it. Since this is a pediatric practice, I would think something a little more positive and welcoming, since parents will be making the decision to come here. I’m not saying you have to use silhouettes of children, but something with a more human touch would help.
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