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My name is Sajida. I reside in Canada. I have being designing (volunteer work) since 2007. I took a break for 5 years (2015-2020) as I got pregnant and found it difficult to work in front of a computer while taking care of 3 kids.

I want to get back to designing as I still have the passion. I was given opportunities recently to create logos and posters. I have created a simple portfolio online to showcase my work.

I feel I need a mentor who can critic my work and teach me more. I feel I need to learn a lot but I am lost from where to start.

Any help or critic is required.

Hi Sajida and welcome to the forum. :grinning:

Did you notice the forum section called “The Crit Pit”? You can post your work there for a critique. Lots of people here will be happy to give you their opinions. In addition, feel free to post any questions you might have or comments you want to share.

THank you

I created a thread there.

Welcome Aboard Sajida! :slight_smile:

This forum is a great place. There are many people that are quick to share their wisdom and critique work. That said, I have benefitted beyond words from having a design mentor. Being able to get together in person over a cup of coffee, talk, bounce ideas, etc. is great. So while I would encourage you to participate here, I’d also encourage you to look for a “real life” mentor as well.

Hi Sajida! The Crit Pit is great as the others have suggested. This forum is great for chatting to designers and those who “speak our language”.

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