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Hello everyone,

I’m sharing my graphic design portfolio to see what you guys think. I am showing work that I do at the moment which is artworks/design for an iGaming company were I work full time and will be used as a viewing platform for other iGaming companies. It might seem different to other “portfolios” but this is what they mostly ask for when applying for a job in iGaming sector.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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You did the characters?

No, the characters are marketing material provided by the game provider.

It’s nice, I like the characters.

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Any other comments please?

First of al its sexy as f*ck. everything is nice. maybe you can share some fonts colors? and how did the company make the renders?

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: I’m not sure about the renders because there are different companies (providers) in those artworks.

@troep It’s called 3D :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I agree with troep regarding that it looks great, even though I’m not their target group so I don’t feel typically attracted to busy designs like these, I think you did a neat job by leading the eyes to the focus point. It’s difficult to work with a lot of images because it can get kinda messy. My only comment is about the cover of your portfolio, perhaps you can make that a bit more spectacular. Not sure if this is done with these type of portfolios and if you have a separate resume, but maybe add a good photo of yourself and some contact information and work experience as a summary? I always like to have easy access to the face behind anyone I’m working with :slightly_smiling_face: to me it gives a certain trust. Plus you’ll get extra points for the effort.

Nice, engaging, legible work. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback @LandOfFae.

As for the cover I agree that it could be more spectacular but I tried to go for a “clean” look because inside as you said it is quite busy hehe. Regarding the resume, yes that is as a separate file which I still need to work on.

Thanks @Steve_O

Yeah its really good !
I wanted to get some clients for this specific work but I did not knew where to find them haha

Thanks @CodyHill

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