Graphic Designer

Hi my name is Clint I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years I went to Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton for Design & Digital media. I now own a Trophy Business but still create logos sometimes these 2 come hand in hand. Here is some of my older creations. I will be uploading more content soon. I’m using an old version of Macromedia freehand and illustrator lol. I will eventually have to upgrade to the cloud :grinning: If anybody needs guidance on design I’d be happy to help.

Whew, you have a machine capable of running the old Freehand? Must be good at finding used parts! (says the guy with a pile of blue towers in the corner of the office just so he can play a game on OS8, LOL! I’m down to my last dual boot.)

There are no images of your creations on this forum. Please post them again.

Welcome to the forum, Clint.

As a new forum member, you likely ran into the anti-spam measure of being unable to post images. I’ve boosted your posting privileges, so if you want to try it again, it should work.

Wow, Macromedia Freehand? Let’s see 'em chief. Do you have Aldus Freehand too?

Wow, I skimmed over the fact that the original poster was talking about Macromedia Freehand. That’s going back a ways.

No one will ever accuse me of being a pack rat, but I do have some old design magazines that I can’t part with. Here’s a Macromedia ad from the back of a circa 1996 issue of HOW Magazine. Dang, I’m getting old.


Considering that you’re getting by using 20-year-old software, I’d be willing to bet that upgrading to the Affinity suite would suit you just as well and would be a whole lot cheaper than Adobe Creative Cloud. Either way, what will be more expensive is a new computer to run the new software.