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Hi everyone.
I am new to this forum and see this as a good opportunity to promote myself.
I am a talented and well driven graphic designer with 5+ years of experience, as well as a BA Hons degree.
I am currently based in the UK however I have recently decided that I would like to relocate in order to experience new things, both work and social related. I have been researching into the Caribbean for job opportunities however if anyone would be able to help / recommend ways to do this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum! :blush::taco::bacon:

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forum, Liam.

Moving to and living in the Caribbean would be all kinds of fun — sun, ocean, palm trees, beaches and year-round nice weather (other than the occasional hurricane). I don’t know for sure, but I imagine the design job opportunities there aren’t as plentiful as in the UK.

Hi Liam! Welcome to the forum!! :beer::taco::taco::beer:

Hi I m new here, can you help me out how it’s work

What are you looking for help with @avinash ?

what is crit pit! ???
:thinking: :thinking:

It’s the section of the forum where you can post your work for critiques. In other words, you can post your work there to get opinions and suggestions from others on how your work might be improved.

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Welcome to the forum, Liam!

Probably the same as almost any other forum these days. if your post is even slightly politically incorrect, you might as well fold it neatly into streamlined paper aeroplane and fire it towards the trash bin yourself

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