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Hi all here a few new pieces for various clients and personal merchandising.

This one was a simple practice for the sake of learning.

The marketing team I work with is working on rebranding a student org, they wanted to be called SPACE but they didn’t want a logo that was too deeply entrenched in the outer space motif.
A ready made logo I plan to put online.

A design for a bumper sticker I plan to put up for sale.

A retool of the text on my personal business card logo.

Welcome Samuel.


I really think if you are serious about wanting to learn design, you really need to study it a whole lot more. It is hard to crit all of these, as honestly there is very little redeeming qualities about any of them.

First one looks like some very old clip art and the text throws the whole thing painfully off balance. The SPACE thing really does not show any design effort I can see. All of them with text suffer from extremely bad kerning, are overly busy, have very poor balance of negative space, etc.

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Can you tell us more about yourself? A little context would be helpful. Are you a student? If so, what academic level? Are you a freelancer? Full-time employed?

I’m a student and I’ve been freelancing for extra income for the last 10 years with projects few and far between. I’ve been trying to get serious about in the last few months since I’d like to make it my job.

Yep. If you want to make it your job, you’ll be competing in a hot kitchen with designers who have gone to school and have degrees.

That’s why I seek critiques.

Okay, I’m not trying to be an a-hole, but the work is pretty rough. If you want to make design your full time profession, that’s fine. Set that as your goal and then create a path to get there – be that an academic route or a self-taught route.

Honestly not worried. I’ve already set up some plans and it’s been my goal for a long time. I’ve gotten what I need about these pieces and now I can improve accordingly, the more critiques I get from people who know what they’re talking about the more I feel I can make it. So while I’ve edited this post alot, I appreciate the feedback.

I’d concentrate on the emotions you want to create.

Take the SPACE one for example. Student organizations are usually quite positive looking, creating a sense of optimism and “we can do this”.

Your SPACE logo is very rigid looking with the use of strong lines, black colour and capital letters. It reminds me of a corporation from a bygone era where you surrender freewill and do what your boss tells you. All these values are the opposite of what a student organization should create.

Really think about the use of shapes, colours and fonts and see what mood and emotions they create.


Thank you, I appreciate the detailed response :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do, mood is something I forget to consider sometime.

“Mood” is the most important aspect. When a person sees a design, there’s only a split second to catch their attention. The “mood” is usually what stands out the most in that split second. Often, if the mood appeals to them, they will read on. Otherwise they will ignore it.

Another good thing to consider is eyeflow. A good design should direct the eyes to one spot and then gently guide them to the next. In your bumper sticker both the title and the graphic pull my eyes as they are both strong elements. I don’t know where to look first and it makes it very confusing. You should make one stronger than the other. That way my eye can go to the strongest and then naturally move to the next.


Excellent! That’s some really comprehensive feedback! Thanks for clearly stating elements that I should focus on and making suggestions for implementation. In my opinion that’s some of the best that feedback can be. I actually have some ideas for the bumper sticker now, and while the SPACE logo ship has sailed,I want to come back to it later down the line and use what you mentioned to try and improve the mood and making the eyeflow much better. Thank you so much Sabrina, getting feedback from people who can be constructive about it, is the best way I learn :grinning:

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