Greeting From the North

Hey there everyone!

I haven’t been on a forum in a heck of a long time! When I discovered this gold-mine of a community, I just had to sign up.

My name is Alisha—I’m Canadian and I’m back in college completing a diploma in Media Communications, this program entails photography, graphic design, web design, anything, you name it. I’ve been self taught when it came to designing most of my life and I want to learn from my mistakes, be enlightened and spark back my creativity.

I’m here to gain knowledge and feedback from professional perspectives.

On that note—I’m gonna cut it short and end this introduction with “EH”. :canada:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Are you from LAFS by chance?

Thanks a lot! Glad to be here!

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what LAFS stands for—so in that case I believe I’m not. :joy::laughing:

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LOL … that’s ok LAFS is LA Film Institute. We have had 40 or so people join from that online school recently so I was just curious :wink:

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