Greetings from the great white north

Hey everyone, first post but I suspect it won’t be the last. Looking forward to helping those who need it. and possibly finding ppl to job out to when needed. I own Pixels ‘n’ Print in Severn, Ont., it’s a large format print and sign shop. Please feel free to pester me or call for help. Graduated from Georgian College in 1980 and have activity worked in the offset/silk screen/publishing and sign industry ever since. My primary tools of choice are Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Krita, Genetica and others. @Agent008 don’t worry about being intimidated by the technology. My last year at college we finally got a computer lab that consisted of a single Apple Se30. it was not till the late 80’s that I actually got to really try and use a computer. And my first time I swear I was sweating big time. I was imagining behind every key stroke was the string DELETE*.*

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Thanks for the intro and the offer to help! Kudos.

You may be mis-remembering. The SE30 was not introduced until Jan 1989. I checked because my final year was 1982, a full 2 years before the launch of the first Mac with the famous Superbowl ‘1984’ ad.

I can remember most things from years ago, but what I ate yesterday is a bit foggy …

Welcome to the forum, PixelsnPrint. It’s always good to have people around who know a lot about printing — they serve as a reality check for us crazy designers. :wink:

Hey the 70’s are still a fog But ya I’m in error chances are the apple we had was a Lisa or worse lol

The 70’s are a fog for a lot of us :wink: :smiley:

Welcome to the forum!!! Nice to meet you PnP :slight_smile:


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