Hi all, I’m new here
I’d appreciate for any help and wish to be helpful this community

My name is Victor, me and my brother designers from Dagestan
We’ve more than 13 years experience of graphic design (Branding, Print production, Font design etc.)

We promote now some icon bundles and ready to offer free design resources every week
I’m ready to help others - I love to create mockups, templates and ready for discuss anything that can be helpful each other

Thank you all
Thank you so much

Welcome to the forum.
Feel free to hang around an contribute

Since this is a forum full of designers, I very much doubt anyone will have any work for you though. Mockups are generally unnecessary (the ones that are, are well within the capabilities of a pro designer) and templates are not something most professional designers use.

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Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much

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