Hello everyone!

My name is Sierra. I’m pretty new to this forum, and from what I’ve already read, I’m pretty excited to get to learn more about the graphic design world.
I’m currently attending college online at the Los Angeles Film School for my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. I’m a motorcycle enthusiast, and love to travel on my Harley Davidson. I’m also a mother of a beautiful young lady named, Karizma.


Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

Since you are the 27th LAFS person to join, we are curious … What exactly did your teacher say about joining here? We are wondering because no one comes back after being “very excited” to be here :wink:

I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but we keep asking and no one answers and then they disappear after their initial post. We had many that joined a couple weeks ago and now you and another have joined in the last 12 hours.

Any insight would be great :slight_smile:


It was in the list of forums we had to select to be associated with for a project we’re working on. Out of all the others, I personally found this one to be the most welcoming and informative. :slight_smile:


That’s cool … Thanks for replying Sierra :heart:

I hope you stick around. There is a wealth of knowledge nestled in here :wink:

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Out of curiosity,
What’s the project? Can you describe it to us? Or even better, post the brief you were given?

Welcome to the forum Sierra.

Me too, but I don’t own a Harley. I wouldn’t mind having one, though (with quiet pipes).

There are electric motorcycles coming out, with little to no sound. You should check out the series “Long way up” with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman on AppleTV+! Amazing show!

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Thank you!

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Essentially select a forum from the list below and familiarize your self with it. There are tons of artists in my digital literacy class. Graphic designers, music producers, film makers, folks in animation and many more. Pretty exciting so far.

So there are other forums listed for the others, like music producers and film makers?

I’ve seen clips from the Ewan McGregor show, but I really need to see the whole thing.

The electric Harleys are really interesting and totally unlike anything else they sell, but at $30,000, I’ll need to wait until the price comes down. A completely silent bike would take some getting used to.

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Is a silent motorcycle even safe to ride? They’re hard enough to see as it is. Can’t imagine not being able to hear one.

I’ve ridden motorcycles regularly since I was 15 and lost several friends in accidents — all them from dumb stuff they were doing. I’ve also really looked into the whole subject over the years.

Almost half of all serious motorcycle-car accidents occur when a car makes a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle due to the driver failing to see it.

Most of the rest have to do with stupid riders doing stupid things and inexperienced riders doing things that experienced riders don’t do, like riding anywhere near car’s blind spot or mistakenly assuming that a nearby driver is paying attention.

The other remaining significant cause of serious accidents are the one-off, unpredictable things, like a deer jumping out of nowhere, a sudden tire blow-out, or a head-on collision from an oncoming car suddenly drifting over the center line.

I really doubt sound plays much role in safety except for the inexperienced motorcyclist who casually rides in a car’s blind spot. I suspect safety has much more to do with being visible, being cautious, being extremely aware of one’s surrounding, assuming every driver within site is half asleep, staying clear of other cars, instinctively keeping an exit strategy in mind —just in case a nearby driver does something stupid, and most of all, the experience that comes with practice and a few close calls.

For what it’s worth, my ex and her husband got into a head-on collision a year ago this past August when they somehow drifted over the center line. She was catapulted over the car and came down hard on the pavement about a hundred feet further down the road. Last I heard, she’s still relearning how to walk. I warned her about marrying that idiot she was with, but that’s another story.

That’s probably the one instance I’m talking about. Dumbchucks riding in my blind spot. But I hear em. The ones that ride up the center line in traffic are the others. While it’s legal to do that here, it’s just dumb. I see a number of cases too where, like bicyclists, they ride up the right hand side at a light and almost get taken out by the front car turning right, right in front of them. No one expects a motorcycle on the right like that. Or a bicycle. Almost all of the deaths of bicylists in Boston this year were from riders wanting to go straight at an intersection being taken out by trucks turning right.

Hi Sierra,
Welcome to this forum. You can learn tons of tips here regarding Graphic Design.
Moreover, please let us know how we can help you.

Best of luck,

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