Hello, my name is Paul Miller, I am now retired but I used to be an Electronics Engineer in Medical Research.

My main hobby is the design of typefaces, all of the typefaces I designed are free of charge, they are licensed under the SIL Open Font License so they are free for both personal and commercial use, they are also available to be modified for derivative work if you have the software to do so. The only thing you cannot do with them is to sell them. My fonts are available on the FontSpace website, just search for pjm-homebrew-fonts and they will appear. They are also available on the Font Squirrel and Local Fonts websites.

I also do some graphic design work for free for local community groups and charities.

The main reason I am joining this forum is to find out what graphic designers need from a font, what makes a font more appealing to a graphic designer. But I will ask this question in the appropriate section of the forum in due course.

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Welcome Aboard and Happy Retirement! :slight_smile:

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