Greetings :)

I don’t really like introductions but I guess its nice to get to know a little about whos out there :slight_smile: To be honest this whole forum thing is out of my comfort zone, I’m probally not alone here… You all seem really nice so it will be a nice experience.

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Welcome to the forum. :blush::bacon::taco:

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Well, most everyone here is nice (and reasonably comfortable, I think). The crime rate is quite low, and the nearby schools are pretty good. You’ll fit in just fine unless you’re an axe murderer or something (we usually turn them away). Seriously, welcome to the forum. :grin:

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Welcome @Gl3ason.

We can create a comfort zone if you like. Would blanket forts and cookies be suitable? :hugs:
Otherwise The Badgers Den has soft furnishings and is pretty comfortable.

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HIya Gl3ason!!! Welcome Aboard!

Forums were my Facebook back in the day. If you have any questions, we are filled with folks ready and willing to help out :heart:

Other than that sit back and relax and as Buda mentioned - lots of fun stuff in The Badger Den :slight_smile:


We’re generally nice. but then again, it could all be an act. I mean, come on, look at RKK’s butterfly … that seems a little too nice to me. :slight_smile:

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Ixnay on the utterflybay!!!

Lets not scare away the new blood … calm gentle tones only …

and don’t forget to smile … big …



@RedKittieKat… That smile gives me anxiety.

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Thank you all for the kind welcome :slight_smile: You all are pretty funny; we will get along just fine.

Btw blankets and cookies are totally suitable and I’m not a axe murderer :joy:

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Btw blankets and cookies are totally suitable and I’m not a axe murderer :joy:

That’s exactly what an axe murderer would say. :joy:


You guys are crackin’ me up! :smiley:

I wanted to be an axe murderer, but I couldn’t tell the difference between a live one and a dead one in the first place. Kinda took the wind outta my sails, ya know?

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What can I say … axes are sneaky like that.


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