Happy Almost Royal Wedding Weekend!

Anyone else have the fever? :smiley:

Wishing Prince Harry and his bride to be all the best :heart:

I have always been fascinated by the Royals and will be trying to watch if I manage to be awake. It was lovely to see that Prince Charles will be walking Meghan down the aisle after the folderol with her father.

Whatever you get up to this weekend … have a blast!



I’m not invited.

Don’t feel too bad … I’m not either. I really think mine just got lost in the mail though :wink:

Maybe this wedding will reestablish the UK-USA alliance.

I was a long-time Suits watcher, so this whole marrying a prince, running off to England and abandoning the show sort of ticks me off. Oh well, Netflix has plenty of other shows to watch. :smile:

Not a fan of the royals myself. Worth keeping them around as they bring a lot of money into the country (UK) via tourism etc, but aside from that what are they?

Just the descendents of people who plotted, schemed, and murdered their way to the top. Got the poor people to fight their wars, and then reaped the rewards for themselves. Stolen jewels from Africa in the Queens crown. Just very, very, successful gangsters.

No better than me or you, just people. Very, very lucky people.

I have no use for “historical guilt trips.” The history is past. It’s what happens moving forward that matters.

Historical guilt trips? Not trying to make anyone feel guilty, just pointing out some facts. I don’t see any reason why we should look at the royals as being special, because they are not. They are just people. People who happen to be in the position they are because their ancestors did some terrible things. Not something that should be applauded in my book.

Every top leader from dictators to our elected officials have had a tendency to walk all over other people to get where they are. Elected official might not be so brutal about it, but it’s a matter of degree, not kind.

Historically, kings were just dictators who forcibly assumed power then passed on their power onto their sons until the whole process became diluted, changed and institutionalized. In European monarchies, the institutionalized process is hundreds of years old and no longer has any connection to how it all originated. None of the current European kings, queens, princes, dukes, viscounts, etc, got where they are by slaughtering, raping, pillaging and conquering their neighbors. Instead, they arrived in their positions through a whole series of interconnected marriages and the coincidence of being born from the right womb.

I’m not a fan of royalty either, but equating the current situation to brutalities from hundreds of years ago isn’t the reason for my opposition to it or, more accurately, my lack of interest. They’re just people — absolutely nothing special about them other than the circumstances of their upbringing. They’re not, on average, smarter, more talented, more gifted or more capable than any other average person. From my egalitarian perspective, there’s no reason for royalty — they should stop with all the pretense, class nonsense, silly titles and funny costumes, then get regular jobs to support themselves like everyone else.

But that’s just me, and it ignores the tradition behind it that matters to a whole lot of people in those countries. In Britain, it’s part of the national identity, part of the culture, part of what makes Britain British. If everyone thought as I did, their would be no royalty due to a complete lack of interest in it.

Then again, if everyone’s interests and concerns coincided with mine, their would be no professional sports teams, no hip-hop music, no pledges of allegiance, no ballroom dancing, no romance novels, no Kardashians, no hamburgers, no big cities, no automatic transmissions, no cell phones, and guacamole would never, ever be considered an edible substance.

If other people are interested in Prince Harry or any of his relatives, fine. They can also eat guacamole, attend football games, listen to hip-hop music, and text each other about it on their cell phones — just as long as I don’t have to join in.

Right, first two paragraphs of this essay is common knowledge, you aren’t teaching anyone anything.

I never said they did.

Thats what I said.

I am British, and can tell you that less people in this country give a fork about the royals now than ever, and even less will in the future. Hundreds of years of brainwashing doesn’t just disappear over night though, it’s a slow process.

I agree, people should be allowed to do what they like, as long as they are causing no harm. I never said anything to the contrary. all I said was I don’t see any reason why we should see the royals as anything special, because they are not. That’s my opinion. If others feel differently that’s fine. I don’t have to agree with everyone, on everything.

Glitchen, I was responding, not just to your comments, but to the subject in general. You seem to have a way of assuming that I’m attacking and disagreeing with you when I’m actually largely in line with what you’ve said, then just adding my own two cents (or quid, in your case). QUIT DOING THAT! :smiley: Or maybe it’s me doing that and I should stop, I don’t know for sure. In any case, we largely agree with each other.

The bulk of what I was saying is that I don’t care about royal families, but if others do, I don’t care about that either. If they like the pomp, heraldry and tradition, it’s their business, and you seem to agree with me on that too. You live in the middle of it, so maybe your feelings are a bit stronger, but I still think we largely agree on the subject.

For what it’s worth, according to the BBC, the polls seem to indicate that about three-quarters of your fellow Brits want to keep the monarchy. Maybe the BBC are a bunch of royalist monarchists, but it’s not just them — most all the polls I could find say about the same thing. Oddly, some even suggest support has gradually risen. Again, not disagreeing with you — just pointing out what a little research seems to indicate.

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You are crackin’ me up :smiley:

Your world actually sounds quite peaceful and serene to me … I could live there easily … except … for the burgers … I gotta have one now and then :smiley:

The rest, I could easily live without.

I could live without the burgers, as long as a nice end cut prime rib is available.
The guac would be tough to give up though. It has a certain combination of flavors that is very tasty to me.
B, you might like it if they left out the cilantro. To some people, green leaf cilantro tastes like soap. That could certainly ruin the entire experience. :wink:

I’ve been to the UK several times, but have never felt the need to view the crown jewels. I did venture up to Stirling Scotland on one trip and did go up untold numbers of steps in a tower to view the “Wallace Sword” (it was on the way to the top to view the battlefield in the valley below.) I have a more insane interest in British estate walled gardens than the royalty of the estate itself. :slight_smile:

How did this thread resurface anyway? Spam target?

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Even without Cilantro … which I can’t tolerate, I’m still not a guac fan. It’s an avocado thing. I used to love them and now the texture really puts me off. Not sure why. The older I get more things are becoming less appealing to me it seems.

I guess I could do without a burger too if I had easy access to Prime Rib :smiley:

As for the resurrection, no spam … just a member reply it appears :slight_smile:

btw … ALL our ancestors did terrible things and some probably still do :wink:

You can’t lump everyone into the same bag … it gets messy.

Look at who they are now and what they do.

They bring lots of money into the economy. So they may be dressed up in fur and jewels… basically adorned like fancy zoo animals in a cage. From what I read folks were hysterical that William and Kate’s wedding was something like 30 million dollars. When broken down the average tax pay contributed less than a dollar and the majority of the money was for security. What that caused was over 2 BILLION in return to the UK economy.

Could the UK do without them? Probably … but they seem to serve their purpose. The Queen can unite people with a single appearance and they all contribute back to their subjects in many ways. They also have something like 3000 personal engagements annually.

Why do people like to point out the obvious.

Most of our ancestors in the past in Britiain did their most terrible things in the name of king and country, and didn’t have much of a choice in the matter either. Thats the documented stuff, anything else is hard to prove and as such is pure speculation, but i hear you.

Super rich, overly privilieged snobs, who never did a hard days work in their lives most of them. Poor, poor zoo animals, my heart bleeds for them.

I’m well aware of the money they bring in this country as I stated in my original post.

If by unite you mean get old people to sit around a telly eating bourbon biscuits and sipping tea, whilst gushing over how amazing the stolen jewels are then yeah. Thing is the same thing happens when they watch family fortunes, or Eastenders (rubbish TV shows).

I never said we should get rid of them.

Spread amongst the entire family, sure that wouldn’t surprise me. Not exactly hard graft though is it. Swan about not doing very much. The average factory worker works harder in a week than any of them do, and for not very much in return.

Cheers :wink:

I just noticed the thread, but it wasn’t until after I had posted that I realised how long it had been since anyone had replied to it.

It’s mostly the slimy, oily texture of the stuff I don’t like. I don’t care for the taste or the cilantro either, but the texture is what makes it a no-go. Mayonnaise has a similar effect on me.

LOL Cheers right back.

I can see you have no use for them. You’ve made it crystal clear. I’ll take my opinion and go home now :wink:

I do see the use in them, they bring money into the country which is why I don’t have a problem with keeping the monarchy intact. I just find it ridiculous that people (a minority in Britain thankfully) view them as being something special when they are not, but each to their own.

Tbf most of the people getting excited about the royal wedding were women, and lets face it women just like weddings in general.

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