Happy Friday, 8/26/22

I’ve had a very productive week, and I am ready to mentally check out for the week. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on one’s point of view, I have a full day and can’t slack off.

No big plans for the weekend. Just working on a few home / honey-do projects.

What does everyone else have going on?

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Bank holiday weekend, Monday is a public holiday so the boss left for the coast first thing this morning to beat the traffic. We are making a week of it so no work for a whole week. Not sure how I’m going to fill the time /s


Enjoy your time off.

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I never have any plans. Things just…happen.
Except rain. That never happens lately.


I wouldn’t expect anyone to remember my topic-bending post about it, but back in 2019, I was spending my Summer evenings and weekends cutting lumber and driving screws on the way to completing this deck.

This Summer’s “spare time” endeavor is a full kitchen renovation (layout change, new cabinets, appliances, flooring, lighting). The hot weather is bad enough, but the worst part is keeping the house functional with only makeshift kitchen necessities. August is nearly over and I’m only about 25% into it, so next update; maybe by Thanksgiving. :sweat_smile:


Happy Friday Gang!

Not much going on here. I had a couple days of family visits this week to give little pressies to the lil’s … well not so little anymore :wink: But two of them have birthday’s within 2 days of each other.

I do a lot of Tie Dying and I made these for my Nephew to go with his Amazon card :wink:

I swear, no matter how old I get, I never tire of tie dye :grin:

Needless to say I’m taking it easy this weekend :wink:

Have fun everyone!

and @HotButton … show us some pics :smiley: I love renovations!


Those are four of the best-looking tie-dyed shirts I’ve ever seen. Your nephew is a lucky kid to have such a talented aunt who makes such cool stuff for him.

What kind of container do you use to dye them in? I have a suspicion that if I tried this, I’d end up with more dye on me and everything else in the house than on the shirts.

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Ahem … I can say, not without a hint of pride, I still have a slightly tattered version tucked away in a corner of my closet.

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Thank you :heart:

I have a big Rubbermaid tote and two old refrigerator wire shelves. I also have a big fold up table. After I bleach whatever I want to dye, I soak it in the tote filled with Soda Ash/Water.

Next put up the table and start folding and tying. Then the grates go over the tote and the dying begins. Then into a plastic bag to cure. After that a good rinse, wash and dry … voila!

It’s a little more involved but that’s just the basics. The tote then serves as storage for all the stuff that is needed for Tie Dye. :grin:

btw … even with gloves my hands get it pretty good :stuck_out_tongue: LOL But, it’s well contained and I’ve never had a mishap. But, I always lay down opened trash bags or a sheet of plastic if I have it. (just in case)