Happy Last Friday - January 2020 ♥

I’ve taken a fairly long break from this. I’m thinking that perhaps it needs to say gone. I’ve never looked at it as a chore, it was always fun for me to come up with something to get folks laughing or talking. It’s become not so much fun over the past few months however. I went back over all the “stats”. There are very few replies, but tons of views.
That’s pretty discouraging after all the work that goes into to some of the posts.

So, for those that did take the time to reply over past couple years, I say “Thank You” :heart:

I was going to ask if anyone had any better ideas that would engage more folks … but after doing it for so long and getting little to no response I think it’s pretty clear there just isn’t that much interest. Not one person has even asked where it is or if it’s coming back LOLOL! :smiley: :wink:

Reminds me of our old PS parties. Folks just stopped replying. The newer people that might read this won’t even know what I’m talking about - lol :smiley:

I try to never fall into the “good old days” thinking pattern. But, the Friday posts where always a blast. Kool always knew how to get a laugh from us and start the weekend off right. I’ve given it the best shot I can. I’m plumb out of ideas to engage folks.

So, that being said, even if I don’t say it in a post anymore … I hope all your Friday’s are great :heart:


and as always …

Have A Great Weekend Gang!! :heart:


Thanks RKK. I think everyone has enjoyed your posts (and the artwork that goes with them). Some of us might not have said much, but they’ve always brought a smile to my face, which I’m guessing is true of most everyone else too.

As for my weekend, I have absolutely no plans, which I’m looking forward to. The past couple of weeks have been unusually stressful, and I’m needing some downtime time to just relax and take a few deep breaths.


I think we should reply with more graphics, things we designed or ideas we had since this is a design forum, im confused on what is on topic tho.

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EB, For years we always had a Friday post to wrap up the week.

Kool started the tradition well over a decade ago with QOTW (Quote of the week) It’s morphed into a few forms over the years. If you look back in the Badgers Den you can see all the Friday postings for when this generation of the forum began. :slight_smile:

Words to live by my friend :heart:

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Thanks Kitty! I’d usually see the Friday post on Monday because Fridays are usually my busiest day and I try to get out of work ASAP, but I always enjoyed them!

Thrift shopping this weekend!!! And I’m rooting for whichever team makes my Superbowl Squares win!!

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Today is also the day the UK formally withdraws from the EU. To paraphrase a famous old newspaper headline, Europe is now completely isolated. :crazy_face:


My thoughts are with you folks … I hope it all goes ok :heart:

I’m still waiting to see if I can even watch it. I think NFL.com is broadcasting. We shall see. Fox pulled their streaming agreement. So no Roku or other type device will access it.

I’m not sure I really care in the big scheme of things though LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s Friday?

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lmaooo you made me look … I thought for a second I flubbed it up! haha! :smiley:

My street is undergoing some heavy constructions right now, so “Happy” might be a little too strong a word for me. Still, we all do the best we can.

All this, as they say, will pass.

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If you have a mirroring option on a roku like amazon firestick, you could send the game on line from a device, computer to the TV.
Fox should allow streaming of a free game tho, but they are fickle.
Fox is not good tech wise, If there is strong wind, we can’t the see the game over the air on Fox.

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That would be a pain. Hope they finish soon for you :slight_smile:

The problem with that is the FOX pulled the stand alone streaming of those devices. You can still use them if you have an app that streams live TV … which means of course yet another service that has to be paid for. They have all caught on to cord cutters and they are going to charge for every single thing they can … one way or the other. Soooo… it’s rapidly approaching the point that one might as well keep cable. Every single subscription racks up the $$$ fast. :confused:

Well, at least the turmoil is (mostly) over for now as this is finally getting settled, for better or worse. I do worry about what this will mean for the UK — especially in Northern Ireland and how it could threaten the union with Scotland. It would be catastrophic for the UK to break apart.

The craziness here in the states seems to only be moving to its next phase with no real end in sight other than, I hope, the elections this next fall.

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Monday i went to the mall, people seemed happy and out going, I even talked with a few strangers- in complete sentences!
seems to me the media is stirring up this craziness.

It would be a shame if the UK broke up, i lived through the Quebec 1994 vote, and still don’t now what was accomplished for good or bad!

I’m just happy we are healthy and can enjoy the simple things life offers.

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Good one.

“finish”? “soon”? In Canada? One wishes.

But thanks for the thought.


Well, at the risk of coming across as disingenuous or placating, I have indeed missed your Friday posts. I’ve always felt like they were a way to help usher in the weekend – even if I didn’t have time to respond to everyone. Hopefully, I at least liked them. I understand it’s takes time to come up with the historical information or list of what’s being observed on that particular day, but I’d hate to see your Friday threads go away altogether.


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