Harris Brown Multifaceted Graphic Designer

Hey all let me introduce myself I’m Harris Brown graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC studied advertising design been a graphic designer for 20+ years first 10 years I worked for financial services in Marcom for high profile companies then I incorporated in 2006 and started HFB Advertising expanding my services and clients.

If you need any advice or have questions feel free to reach out.

Advertising is not allowed on this forum, so I removed the link to your business. If you would like to include a link to your portfolio in your posts, that’s fine.

Hi Harris!

I’ve enjoyed your posts here over the past few weeks. It’s great having some experienced players on the forum to balance out the beginners. I really do hope you stick around!

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Ok. BTW I wasn’t trying to advertise. Just telling my story. No worries.

Thanks Mr B.

Welcome Harris! I hope you stick around, too.

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Hey Harris!!


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