Have a look my awesome book cover designs

Hi All,
Just join this forum today. Let me introduce myself, I’m Paramita, book cover artist. Showcasing few of my designs here. Hope you all like my designs :slight_smile:

Paraplegic-social-media Another-Fae Demon-Queen-book3-social-media Go-Ready-social-media Rot

Wow they’re gorgeous. Congratulations! May I ask you, where or (how) do you get your initial photographic images? Thanks!

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Nice photo illustrations. Nice use of type too.

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They’re nice. You said you were book cover artist. What’s your involvement in each project?

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I actually might look a couple of those up. Hope they’re for real. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the compliment. Well I generally use shutterstock for royalty free images, then I do all edits in photoshop and create the scene/graphics. There were many stock photo used in each design.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am the designer, I create the design from scratch :innocent:

Sure, please go to amazon :slight_smile:

Already saw one of them there.

:grinning: :innocent:

Wow these are just amazing! You’re a perfectionist :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

They are good examples of that genre. Nice image work. Appropriate typography. In the main, good hierarchy. There are a couple my clients might well reject because of placement, but in the main, nice work. Good job.

However, what completely put me off and would almost put me off using you, was the complete lack of humility; ‘Have a look at my awesome book cover designs’ . My first instinct was that this person would be a nightmare to work with.

Maybe it’s the Brit in me, but that level of seeming arrogance turns me off immediately. Every brilliant designer I know thinks they are shit. Helps them grow and improve.


Thanks for your time and comments on my designs. I understand you are new in this field. If you study a bit about typography, you will understood that the texts are placed properly.
I am a very down-to-earth person, my clients love my design and services so I always got repetitive clients. Anyway thanks for your concern :slightly_smiling_face:

If 30 years counts as new in this field, then I’ll take that on the chin!

I don’t have any issue with anyone describing their work as “awesome.” Especially if the work is successfully executed. It could just be the industry I’m in and the high end sort of work we do at my job. The designers have to be extremely sure of themselves at some of the levels we work with. Self-effacement is not something they embrace. The “show biz” industry, in all of its iterations from exhibit to broadcast, is too cut-throat. They aren’t above taking advice regarding execution, but their vision is usually followed through to the best it can be done in the actual physical world (getting from monitor to venue without defying the gravitational constant of the universe can be a challenge.) I can’t say any of them are nightmares to work with. They get it. And I much prefer working with someone who has their client in mind and a solid end goal to reach.

30 years in this field … Really!! What’s your company name? You should be very famous as you are in book cover designing field from 1990

One doesn’t have to be “famous” to be good at what they do.
Some of us on this forum have been in the industry since the 80s-90s.

You are funny

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