Health care partnership - 4 partners

Have at her guys and gals - let me know what you think.

Well, the color and the typeface definitely suggest health care. To some extent the logo does too in that it’s sort of reminiscent of a cross. Then again, I’m trying to read some kind of symbolism into the logo, but I’m coming up short. Is there some logic behind it, or is it just a nice shape you decided to use?

I see four people (stick figures) holding hands making a circle. The four small circles are the heads.

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Yeah, OK. I think you’re right. I’m liking it more now.

A few things to try or consider.

– I think the type needs to be smaller in proportion to the symbol.

– Is there a way to make this work without the two blues gradating into each other?

– Pretty conservative look, especially with the Trajan font. But if that’s what works for this company and the target market, great.

– I find the color palette a little boring. How about working in a color that would contrast with the blue or setting the type in a different color.

– I’d open up the kerning a bit; it’s pretty tight. Good for you for paying attention to this, many people that post here don’t pay attention. But I think you could open it up a bit – except for the R/E and P/A.

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Thanks. Here’s a revision

Smaller type, opened the tracking by 5, opened the leading and space to the icon. I like it better.

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