HellloooOOo, Im Kayla. New here and looking for new friends and mentors!

Hello, beautiful people!
My names Kayla and I am a Graphic Designer from Calgary, AB. I love to design logos and I am currently working towards branding and market analysis. I would love to find a mentor to take me under their wings and teach me what they know. I have already taken the steps to gain basic knowledge of the field and am already getting more and more clients, but I need to be ready for that “life-changing” gig.

I’d also just like to get to know people in general as I sit on the computer a lot and don’t get much interaction besides my Girlfriend and Chinchillas.


Welcome Aboard Kayla!!! :wave:

Glad you found us. Feel free to ramble around the forum and be sure to check out our Forum Rules & FAQ

If you have questions, feel free to ask. We are all here to help and good luck with finding that “gig” asap :slight_smile:

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well welcome, Kayla
how is the graphic design market in Calgary?
I was there in the late 80’s visiting from Edmonton, Lovely city nice peeps.

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Thanks for the welcome!!
To be honest, the market is flooded if you want to work in an agency! I have no choice but to reach out to other locations and countries to freelance. My last gig was a remote job from Fort Mcmurray and it was a gong show. I get more clients from the States than I do Canada :open_mouth: The people are nice in some parts! I for sure need to get out more and find some good places to meet people. Glad to join the forums! Cant wait to learn more and meet some new people!

Will do! Thank you, so much for welcome! :smiley:

Hi Kayla, and welcome to the forum.

Calgary is one of my favorite cities. The winters are a bit too cold for my tastes, but the city is beautiful.

Have you gone to school for graphic design or are you starting from scratch and just trying to make it work?

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