Hello a new "oldie"

Hello all! I’m an in-house designer with my main focus on print.
I was a part of the GDF community many years ago (I think the GDF logo was what I called the frying pan logo) I do recognize some names that were form around back when. Some of the top contributors I remember on the forum were, D-Zine, Garricks, Jeff Fisher, Kool, RedKittieKat, PrintDriver, and Uncle Carbunkle…and I’m sure many more I can’t think of this second…sorry if I misspelled any of those…been a long time.

Everything was so pancaking fun from what I remember (y’all still use “pancaking”?)

Certainly considered myself a “new” person to GDF back then and now…because I mostly just stalked and never really posted much.

Anyway with the a job promotion of going from the designer to being the Director of the whole department and getting married and having kids…I never really had much time for good ol GDF :frowning:

I must say the new site is amazing and bravo to those of you who have taken it upon yourselves to keep GDF alive…I sure it has been a ton of work…I do appreciate your efforts you put into GDF.

Hope to be quietly stalking GDF more in the furture…

Thanks! grfxB

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WELCOME!!! (back)


Welcome back. Some of those folks are still here at the new GDF. I was with the old GDF since 2004 so I remember quite a few of them.

Welcome Back!!! :heart:

Glad to see you found us again :slight_smile:

A bunch of us are still here and a bunch have moved on. Our dear friend Garricks is no longer with us. He passed almost a year ago. Our Badgers Den is devoted to him :heart:

… and this might look familiar :wink:


I might as well post in this thread too :wink:

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Are we this Silence?? :smiley:

That is me! :slight_smile:

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Yay!!! :smiley: :smiley: Welcome Back Silence!!! :heart::heart:

Hope all is well with you :taco::beers::taco:

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Yes! that is the logo! Wow. So sad to hear about Garricks…glad you were able to honor him with the Badgers Den

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I haven’t been around in forever either. Congrats on the new software, it seems much more user friendly. And my condolences on your friend Garricks. The Badgers Den is perfect name for a bunch of drunk designers.


Wow Designia!!!
How are things? Been a Loooong time!

I’m awesome! If I were any better I’d be illegal. How’s the printing biz treating ya?

Print is print but Everything is much faster moving these days (or I’ve gotten slower.)

Des!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Long time no see!!! I’m glad to hear our Queen of Hearts is doing well :slight_smile:



OMG! I did that LAST weekend! :rofl: How’d you know??

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A little birdie told me :smiley:


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