Hello again :)

Good morning everyone, and Happy New Year!

I have been a member of this forum for a while but I stopped logging in for a while due to a lack of time to dedicate to it. I want to be able to contribute and not just log on when I need help, but that takes commitment.

I am currently the Sr Graphic Designer at a Miami based real estate company. I love my work and my employer. I still also do freelance on a very limited basis. I graduated with an A.S. in Computer Graphic Design back in 1997, so I’ve been at this for a while save for some derailment caused by family and personal issues.

My focus is on print and digital marketing collateral but I am always looking to expand my knowledge and experience.

I am looking forward to learning from everyone’s experience here and hopefully be able to help others as well.



Welcome Back!!

You are welcome to stop in any time you like … even if it’s help :wink:


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Thanks for the intro. Welcome!

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