Hello all, I hope to learn so much

Hi, my name is Alyssa, I’m a young non-binary individual who has just started their journey as hopefully a graphic designer of sorts, to be honest this is an assignment from my class at LA Film School so I’m still figuring out everything as I go. I started down this path when one day I decided to make my own Twitch banner for my channel, but then I came to the realization that doing that felt like I was like putting on the perfect pants. It felt meant to be, so I started down the path of education to further my abilities, and opportunities in hopes that one day I can make this a career. to be honest I never thought I would push myself into this kind of dream industry for me, and I feel proud of myself for that. Here’s hoping I make it!

Welcome and good luck on your journey. :wave:

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Hi, Lulu.somers. Welcome to the forum.

Each year, several people from LAFS sign up as part of a class assignment. Is that what brought you here? Good luck with your studies. :grinning:

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Welcome Aboard!! :wave: :smile:

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Lulu said it was a class assignment.
Maybe this professor should come in and introduce themselves sometime. :wink:


:wink: :smiley:

So much for me noticing details. Our dog got me up way too early this morning. Maybe I’m still half asleep.

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Thank you all I passed that class thankfully. I do still intend to remain in here, I just don’t know where all to start.

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Start anywhere. We have a lot of fun in the Off Topic and Badger’s Den sections. Otherwise check out the sections that spark an interest and dive right in.

It bears a mention though … if you do start digging around, double check dates of postings. If you do bump an old thread though … don’t sweat it. It’s not your fault. Our forum software has a lovely way of pushing ancient posts that are long over and the OP has disappeared or no other discussion is needed. :wink: Unfortunately we have no way of changing that.