Hello all, I'm Logo Designer!

Hi everybody!

My name is John Aron. I am a 28 year old graphic designer working from my home. I am currently focusing mainly on logo designer as I also work full time as a teacher. You can check out my logo portfolio on redelogo.blogspot.com. I also love to do custom logo design.

Thanks for reading!
John Aron
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Welcome Aboard John Aron :slight_smile:

I removed your email as you wouldn’t want every bot in creation harvesting it :wink:

Also removing a post and closing this. We don’t discuss exact pricing as specified in our rules.

If you check out someone’s site and don’t agree with what they are charging. Don’t purchase their services. It’s simple.

Regardless if we agree with it or not, we can’t control what someone else charges.

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Hi John! I’m curious what custom logo design is? Is that just regular logo design? I do logo design too but usually it’s wrapped up with full branding and marketing stuff.

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