Hello All

I’ve been a graphic designer on and off for about 7 years now. After trial and error, and getting a degree, I landed a job as a production designer for printed merchandise. I enjoy my job a lot. It’s fun to use my technical skills to problem solve for other people when it comes to making artwork printable for a variety of different print processes.

Since most of my work is technical and not as conceptual these days, I feel like I needed a little extra inspiration so I decided to join a forum and this one was the first one to pop up on google haha.

I’ve tried designing some random stuff just to design it - but it’s hard to design something that has no purpose ya know?


Welcome Aboard! :smiley:


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Hi, ccoltons7. Welcome to the forum — this place can always benefit from someone with solid experience in production work. I’m glad you found us.

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Welcome, I was in the same boat until February. I was doing all technical, production work. I hope you find some inspiration!