Hello, and I have a question for you guys - help!

Hi everyone at GDF. I’m not a graphic designer (drawing is part of my private time :smiley: ) but I have a question: What sort of graphic designers/companies do you think will find use for an automatic background removal tool like remove.bg?

My company launched something similar (ImageMatting.com if anyone’s interested) and because the AI is geared especially towards product photos for ecommerce and isn’t 100% perfect for everything, my boss wants me to find Photoshop users who are able to use our plugin for Photoshop to finetune the automated results.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this; it’s probably like asking a chicken where is KFC, but I have zero experience in marketing and am totally lost at what is be asked of me. Shuffled from my original job and made to do this because I’m the only native English speaker in my Japanese company… :expressionless:

Anyway, I know Photoshop and I like to think I know how to appreciate and critique art, so I hope I’ll be able to help someone if feedback is wanted.

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It would obviously be useful for businesses selling products online or that compile product catalogs. I used to work for a manufacturer that did both and all of our staff pitched in on image clipping.

I’ll bookmark the page and try to give it a test sometime over the next week. Are you looking for any particular feedback? Do you want me to share my thoughts here, via email, or in another way?

What part of Japan are you in? I visited in 2015 and fell in love. My husband and I are hoping to visit again in the next 1-2 years.

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Thank you so much @mist for your feedback!
I’ll try to look for manufacturers that might be interested in it. It’ll be really helpful to have a third party’s opinion so I’ll be thrilled if you can share your opinion about it here. Or you can message me at quek.yingtong @ kirinuki.jp.

I’m living in Tokyo. Which parts of Japan did you visit? I love traveling and have done much domestic traveling the past few years since it’s not easy to go overseas - hope you’ll be able to come soon and will be more than happy to give my recommendations if required.

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This looks good and I think product like this can be useful for both amateurs and professionals who want to quickly and easily isolate subjects - I think it has the potential for wide appeal if it’s really better than others and if it’s free for decent amount of time or uses. And if the edges are really perfect, it can be used by people like me (and especially by photographers) who make and sell high resolution PNGs with transparent background.

You can try to share this website on reddit in r/internetisbeautiful

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Thank you @someguy for your feedback!
It’s totally free right now. There were plans to make it freemium later in the year but plans changed a few days ago to keep it free while adding a manual clipping service for a fee - which might change again… Anyway, if it’s useful please feel free to use it as much as you want :smiley:

I’m really afraid of being flagged for marketing but will check out the reddit page you suggested and post it there when I dare to. Thanks!

In that subreddit I think you can safely share your own useful online tools and services if they are (mostly) free.

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My husband and I were in Japan for about three weeks and mostly explored Tokyo and central Japan. We spent over a week in Tokyo and visited Nikko, and then moved on to Takayama, Kyoto, Himeji, Okayama, Naoshima (to visit a friend and see all the art museums), and one quick night in Osaka. It’s hard to pick favorites because everywhere we went was really different, but I especially loved exploring Tokyo, Naoshima, and Takayama.

When we return I want to explore more of Tokyo and try to visit some areas we didn’t fit into our first trip. We plan to go explore southern Japan for sure but the only destination on my list right now is Hiroshima so if you have any suggestions please share. :blush:

I blogged the whole trip. If interested you can check it out here: 20 Days in Japan – Carol & Karl

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Any graphic designer already knows how to do that in Photoshop. Of course, if a designer was given the task of producing a catalog with many images, the Photoshop method could be quite time-consuming (and I emphasize “could” instead of “would” because most of us know some tricks to get around that.) That being said, there are other non-Photoshop background removal apps, but they are not free. I suppose if you offered one for free, some people might use it, but the best professional graphic designers have very high standards and I seriously doubt that a “free” or “cheap” background removal app would be good enough to meet those standards.

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Gimp is free. Haven’t used it in years. But could do the job

The standard photo app on my phone can do wonders. Did a job to the delight of a client recently just with basic tools from the photo app.

Horses for courses

Thanks for the info!

@mist Wow you look like you had a great time here - your smiles in all your photos are positively stunning :smiley:

I’m sure the floating shrine in Hiroshima is already on your to-go list. There’s also rabbit island aka Ohkunoshima if you’d enjoy having wild rabbits run over when they see you (Buy cabbages/carrots for them before taking the ferry!)

I’m not very familiar with the West/South of Japan but if you’re interested in culture, there are many UNESCO world heritage temples in Nara, Koyasan in Wakayama, and the highest-ranked(?) shrine Izumo Shrine in Shimane prefecture. Oita further South is famous for its hot springs, and then there’s Kumamoto Castle…
Public transport is bad/infrequent outside cities, though.

Do feel free to message or email me if it’s inappropriate to continue the travel-related discussion here, haha.

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I just used it to knock out the background on 10 client portrait photos. Works like a charm!
I’ll checkout your website to see what you have going on.

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Thanks @Yingtong ! I appreciate all the recommendations. I’ll send you a message so we can continue our discussion and just respond here once I have a chance to test out the background removal tool. :grin:

I’ve had a chance to test it on a few images. I’m impressed with how fast it is but it still needs some work.

It did pretty well with this image but I still had to go in and remove some white from some of the edges. I also didn’t like the fact that the app resized my image. If it’s going to resize the image there should be text somewhere specifying image sizes.

It did not do well with this image. It removed part of the skin in the model’s hand and some of the card content despite the huge difference in contrast.

Here’s what it gave me.

The app is really cool and has a lot of potential, but if I were the developer I’d want it to work a bit better before releasing it to the public. Is there any specific type of feedback you’re looking for?

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Thank you @mist for taking your time to test! I’ll share your feedback with my team for the next round of renewal. The size restriction alert is actually there on the uploading page, but it might be better to make it more obvious.

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