Hello and nice to be here

Hi everyone.
My name is Nikola and I’m Croatian although I live and work in Beijing.
I have 20 years of experience as an editorial (mostly magazine) creative director. Lately, I am venturing into the UI/UX area, mostly to work on news apps.
I have plenty of questions regarding this new field but also I have a huge knowledge of editorial design and print design.

Glad to be here and see you soon :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Nikola! It’s good to have a fellow publication designer here. I’ve been doing it for almost forty years now in both newspapers, magazines and technical periodicals of various sorts. This (and typography) was even the focus of my graduate work way back when.

I hope you stick around. There are lots of newbies dropping by, which is great, but the forum can always benefit from the expertise that accompanies 20 years of professional experience.

Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Nikola, what’s is it like working in Beijing? Do you have to be fluent in Mandarin?

It’s tough working in China. Totally different culture.
I work for chinese company but for magazine that has English and french editions.
You don’t need to know mandarin but it helps of course since they don’t speak English much. I speak so so but still manage to live normal life.

China seems to be such an interesting place now. I visited Beijing in 2006 and we didn’t meet anyone who could speak English for the week we were there. It was really hard! I speak a little Cantonese though so was able to communicate that way.

Welcome to GDF.

Oh trust me, Beijing and China in general, Are way different than in 2006. It’s different planet now.
It’s a land of such contrasts. Anyway. Interesting place to be.

Welcome! :wave:

:thinking: I may have to poke your brain about print design I’m coming from the opposite end. Digital <- to -> Print.

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