Hello everyone Today I have joined here

Hello everyone ,

First let me introduce . I am “MD IMRUL QUAES” . You can call me Quaes cause it’s my nickname . I am a bachelor degree student of Graphics Design and Multimedia of a reupdated University of Bangladesh . Currently i am a 10th semester running student . Ok i believed that we have to learn always for improving ourselves . Our learning timeline i think the last day of our life . For that reason i am here for leaning new thing , want to share my experience , thought , imagination what i think about this field . I hope it will be a great journey with all of you .


Welcome Aboard Quaes :slight_smile: Nice to meet you :wave:

thank you so much for you comment :grinning: :grinning:

I hope this forum will be great for all of us here .

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Hello Quaes,
Welcome to this forum. I wish you for a great future ahead.

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